Team Prodigy Proudly Joins the
Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI)

We are thrilled to announce that Team Prodigy has officially become a member of the prestigious Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI). This significant milestone marks a new era for our team, reaffirming our commitment to the production and promotion of authentic digital content.

The CAI, launched by Adobe in 2019, is a consortium aimed at battling misinformation by enhancing trust in all forms of digital content. It offers a secure system for digital content provenance through open-source development, collaboration across industries, and interoperability of tools. By bringing together creators, technologists, journalists, activists, and leaders, the initiative offers an open, extensible approach to media transparency that facilitates better content evaluation.

For us, this membership is more than just an association. It’s an opportunity to protect our work throughout the evolving meta-verse, and to collaborate with a wide range of professionals from various sectors such as software, publishing, and social media companies, human rights organizations, and academic research institutions. It signifies our shared vision of crafting a safer, more trustworthy digital environment for everyone.

As members of the CAI, we uphold the initiative’s guiding principles:

  • Privacy: We respect the privacy of creators, journalists, publishers, and consumers.
  • Accessibility: We endeavor to make secure provenance accessible to all, irrespective of location or technical proficiency.
  • Interoperability: We promote an ecosystem of tools that operate seamlessly to create, maintain, and communicate content provenance.
  • Simplicity: We aim to sidestep undue technical complexity and cost burdens for community members who want to use our tools or develop their own.
  • Extensibility: We support the evolution of technology and adapt to emerging use cases.
  • Openness: We encourage community evolution and cross-industry partnerships.

Our team will now join the ranks of esteemed featured members like AdobeBBCMicrosoft, and The New York Times. We look forward to not only benefiting from the alliance but also contributing to the development and enhanced implementation of CAI tools and solutions for our shared community.

Today, as we step into this new chapter, we feel an overwhelming sense of pride. Being a part of the CAI enables us to maintain the integrity and trustworthiness of our work, and it underscores our dedication to contributing to a better digital world.

Thank you for sharing in our journey. To learn more about the Content Authenticity Initiative and its important work, please visit

Together, let’s shape a future of content that is trusted, transparent, and authentic.

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